Why Watch Repairs Must Be Left to the Professionals

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What are the repairs do you need?

Do you have a quartz watch? The professionals should be able to check if the battery is doing well, or if some parts are defective. Leave all the job to them. They should be able to check all the watch’s electronic components through a diagnostic machine. If something is seriously wrong with its quartz movement, they will take it out and replace it. Don’t worry. Repairing a quartz timepiece is not really expensive.

If you have a mechanical watch, dealing with problems can be tricky. Antique replacement parts can are so hard to find. When it comes to cleaning, it’s quick and simple. You can repair a timepiece from 1880 with simple oiling and cleaning.

Do windable timepieces last a very long time? Will they deteriorate fast?

This depends on the individual who owns and wears it. A lot of watches still look new after 50 years, while some were already a disaster after just two weeks. It’s all about proper watch maintenance and care.

Is it possible to make simple watch repairs at home?

Buying a quartz or mechanical watch in Malaysia is not easy. Thus, once you get hold of your beloved timepiece, learn how to care for them. As much as possible, don’t service the watch all by yourself. Just clean it by wiping it down. There is always the risk of damaging it. Let the professionals handle the job. A reputable watch repair center is a clean environment. Believe it or not, every person there is wearing lab coats.

What if you bump against something, and accidentally scratch your watch’s glass? What can be done?

If it is plastic or acrylic, it can be fixed without any further issue. However, if it’s sapphire, there is the need to replace the entire thing. It’s not easy to scratch a sapphire, though.

Is it possible to customize the watch at home?

Of course, you can. Changing the watch strap or band is the one of the most exciting ways to personalize your timepiece at home. A simple change in watch strap color can make a big difference in the watch’s personality.

What are the most difficult watches to repair?

Antique watches are the most difficult to repair.

Is it possible to reapply luminous to a timepiece that no longer glows?

Yes. The luminous feature can fade after like 15 or 20 years. It’s so easy to reapply. However, reapplying this to a vintage watch can affect its overall resale value.