Why Australian Hosting Is The Best For Australians

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Top web hosting companies in Australia are still the best for Australians. In the previous years, Australian website owners would host their pages with the help of Australian hosting agencies. However, as the digital landscape grew, more and more Australians are enticed to host their websites using hosting companies overseas.

The exchange rates may fluctuate.

So, you thought you got an awesome deal from a foreign hosting provider? Well, exchange rates can fluctuate, and what was once an affordable deal can now become twice its price. Would you prefer currency stability over “good” deals?

Google may penalize you.

When you build your own website, you are assigned to a specific IP address, which relates to your website’s geographical location. Do you know that Google chooses to match Australian users with Australian websites? However, when a specific website is based abroad, then it wouldn’t be considered as an Australian website because of its overseas IP address.
Having your very own website based in Australia would impact your SEO positively.

Tech support may fail you.

What if you encounter website problems at the middle of the day? If your website hosting provider is located overseas, then you would have a hard time. There wouldn’t be immediate support on hand, you might end up losing money every minute.

Different time zones.

It is possible for you to re-configure your website’s time zone to the correct one. Though, this can give rise to confusion. This can mess up the the timing of visitor activities, as well as website analytics.

Time zone differences can also impact your website negatively, when the web host abroad is performing some scheduled maintenance activities. Updates and backups are typically done overnight, but when your time zones are not the same, this scheduled maintenance may clash with your high traffic.