What Should You Eat and What Should You Avoid if You Want to Last Longer in Bed?

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Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two conditions that plague men and
can affect their sexual health and performance. It may lead to performance anxiety and
even depression, but the good thing is that both of these conditions can be rectified by
making certain lifestyle changes, as well as making sure that you are taking the right
supplements for men.

Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation may be caused by physical, mental, and
even psychological factors, but what you eat may have a profound impact on keeping
these conditions at bay.

If you get your diet in check, you will achieve sexual performance that will make your
partner fall in love with you even more.

That being said, what should you eat and what should you avoid if you want to last
longer in bed? Read on to find out.

Kava Tea

Supplements that contain Kava or drinking Kava tea can be helpful for men who suffer
from premature ejaculation. That is because Kava is known to have relaxing properties
and since PE can be caused by anxiety, it can really help.

Just make sure that you do not take this too frequently as overuse has been
documented to lead to liver toxicity.


This delicious herb has been linked to improved sexual performance and helps boost
fertility as well.

It contains a lot of trace minerals that are known to boost sexual performance as it helps
improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Dark Chocolate

This is quite a well-known aphrodisiac because its high cacao content is linked to mood
improvement, as well as making your penis erect at all times.

Dark chocolate has been known to release endorphins and serotonin which are
neurotransmitters that are responsible for setting our moods toward the positive.
In fact, just by eating dark chocolate alone may help induce the same effect as you
would get during actual sex.

Asparagus Root

People who suffer from sexual dysfunction, in general, will be able to get some help by
eating Asparagus root. This vegetable contains a lot of nutrients that improve overall
health and it is best consumed if you want to also treat constipation or joint pain as well.

In addition, it is one of the best-tasting vegetables out there that you can easily
incorporate into your diet without any problems.

Processed Foods

Processed foods constitute anything that was made, prepared, or cooked by someone
else. If it contains a list of ingredients, then you will know that that is already processed.
If you can, avoid eating processed foods at all costs because they bring nothing but
trouble. They make you feel sluggish, bloated, and tired and will definitely not help you
get you’re “A” game during sex.

Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol

You might have liked rock music since your teen years and you’re probably convinced
that sex, drugs, and alcohol are living ‘the life’, but that is actually not the case.

In fact, the contrary is true. Drinking heavily, chain-smoking, and taking prohibited drugs
will lead you to no good. If anything, they will destroy your life in more ways than one.