various types of Beams in Malaysia

What Is the Purpose of I Beams in Structural Steel Construction?

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For structural steel construction, the I-beam, also known as the H-beam, broad beam, W-beam, universal beam (UB), and rolled steel joist, is the preferred shape. The I beam shape and construction make it particularly capable of bearing a wide range of loads. I beams are frequently used by engineers in building, producing columns and beams of various lengths, widths, and requirements. For the contemporary civil engineer or construction worker, understanding the I beam is a must.

The I-Shape Beams and Structure.

The I beam is made up of two horizontal planes called flanges that are linked by a single vertical component called the web. The “I” or “H” cross-section is created by the form of the flanges and the web. The majority of I beams are constructed of structural steel, although some are also built of aluminum. Carbon structural steel and high-strength low-alloy structural steel are examples of infra-metal structures that have a variety of uses, including building frames, bridges, and general structural reasons.

various types of Beams in Malaysia
various types of Beams in Malaysia

For various applications, I beams are available in a range of weights, section depths, flange widths, web thicknesses, and other requirements. Buyers identify I beam based on their material and size when placing an order.

The I beam shape allows it to flex rather than buckle under extreme load. To do this, the majority of the material in the I beam is concentrated along the axial fibers, where it is subjected to the highest stress. Ideal beams have a small cross-sectional area and use the least amount of material while maintaining the required form.

I Beam Applications

In the structural steel construction business, I beams are used for a number of purposes. They are frequently employed in structures as crucial support trusses or the primary framework. Steel I beams provide unwavering strength and support to a structure, ensuring its structural integrity. I beams’ enormous strength eliminates the need for any support structures, saving time and money while also improving the structure’s stability. I beams are a sought-after resource among builders because of their versatility and durability.

Because of their great utility, I beams are the preferred shape for structural steel construction. I beams are ideal for unidirectional bending parallel to the web due to their form. The web resists shear stress, whereas the horizontal flanges resist bending movement. They are resistant to buckling under a variety of weights and shear pressures. They’re also cost-effective, as the “I” form is a cost-effective design that doesn’t waste steel. There is a form and weight for almost every demand with the large range of I beam types available. The I beam is also known as the universal beam, or UB, due to its diverse usefulness.

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