What Do Highly Successful Websites Do Differently?

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One of the primary reasons for putting up an online store such as ecommerce website design company is to generate more leads and ultimately lead them to convert. Conversion rates are much higher if you are sure to optimize your website, as well as your product catalog.

You can actually take inspiration from some highly successful websites, which will do so in this article.

1.Make Your Value Proposition Clear and Prominent

When you are trying to provide services or products, you should have already come up with your value proposition.

Remember that people who visit your website for the first time do not know what your page is all about. That is why you need to make it known, front and center, what you’re really trying to offer them.

A good example of this is Mailchimp. Since there are already a lot of similar services, that they’ve done is to make a value proposition that allows users to send email newsletters easier than the competitors.

2.Optimize Your Call-to-Action

A survey conducted by Hubspot revealed that online businesses that have a clear and prominent call to action button would always garner more conversions. Not only that, but the message contained in the button should also be clear as well.

Mozilla, a company that is responsible for the creation of the famed Firefox browser, increased the number of downloads by not only adding a huge call to action button on their site, but they’ve also included a message that states “Download Now- Free”, signifying that their browser is free to download.

3.Your Headlines Are Important

Another factor that can make your break your conversion rates would be your headlines. Take a good look at your headline and see if it tells users your unique value proposition.

Merely stating vague words like “sign up now to our service” won’t really give a huge benefit. Instead, you can use something like “Sign up now to save up to 30”. This is more actionable and it clearly states what the person is getting.

4.Make Your Forms as Short as Possible

When people have to fill up a lot of forms, not to mention that they have to fill up really long forms, then that will always annoy them.
It is best that you trim your forms down and only ask about the essentials. This way, you won’t be wasting a lot of their time and, in turn, they will most likely go ahead with the sale.

5.Additional Techniques

  • Make sure that your store has a chat service where people can click on and have a real person talk to them behind the line
  • Putting specific information, especially about discounts, is important
  • Putting images of people on your landing page can increase conversions
  • Using livelier colors to your call to action button leads to a higher conversion rate
  • Use A/B testing to see what elements and features that you can go with that will help give you the best results possible.

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