What Causes Gambling Addiction Exactly?

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What Causes Gambling Addiction Exactly?

There are so many gambling activities out there today. One can engage in online sports betting, going into an actual casino, or even playing at the comfort of your own home via online casinos.

Gambling is an exhilarating activity and it is said to release dopamine in our brains, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for those feel-good responses that we feel when we are happy. There is no wonder why people get so addicted to this otherwise dangerous activity.

If you are a responsible person, you can safely engage in gambling, but there are some that just do not have the mental capacity and the discipline to stop playing when they should.

If that is the case, then they are most likely addicted to it. But, what causes gambling addiction exactly? In this article, I will explain some of the most probable causes so that you are aware of them.

The Mind of a Gambler

People who reportedly have gambling addiction were asked a series of questions. When they are asked why they do it, they will usually say that they do it as a means to escape life’s stresses.

True enough, life can be stressful, especially if you are presented with situations that you deem insurmountable.

There are also some that would gamble in an attempt to get away from everything. All they want is to be happy but the means don’t justify the ends. Gambling addicts usually end up accruing so much debt that it has become nearly impossible for them to pay off.

Some would take out personal or home loans in an attempt to pay them off completely, but those things are actually loans of a different kind. It is also quite a problem if they go to loan sharks just to fund their addiction to the craft.

Possible Reasons

So, what really causes gambling addiction? Well, there is no answer that can satisfy all queries because gambling addiction is a result of multiple factors. Some possible reasons include:

1. A Predisposition to Gambling
According to the DSM-V, there are some people that are actually predisposed to addictive behaviors. And, since gambling seems to provide a ‘high’ that is akin to taking drugs and other dangerous substances, it is no wonder that people can get addicted to it.

If you know someone who just doesn’t seem to have the discipline or self-control needed to keep gambling addiction at bay, they are probably predisposed to such a condition in the first place.

2. Early Exposure
There are some people that are exposed to gambling at a tender age. It could be that one (or both) of their parents engage in such an activity and they’ve been engrossed in the craft themselves.

3. Unresolved Trauma
Some people just do not know how to cope well with life’s problems and stresses. People with marital problems, for example, are prone to engage in addictive behaviors such as drinking copious amounts of alcohol, snorting dangerous drugs, or even getting addicted to gambling.