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What Are The Applications Of Led Lights?

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Lights signify hope and optimism. It appears naturally during the day, and soon disappears after the evening. However, humans are good at adapting, and soon enough they discovered artificial lighting by the use of lightbulbs. Society changed its course when Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb in the late 1800s. His invention has brought about other great inventions pertaining to man-made light. 

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LED lighting is one of the more significant inventions of the modern era. It has changed the direction of several industries around the world. The ‘LED’ in LED lighting stands for light-emitting diode. It was invented by a couple of scientists but was officially produced by Nick Holonyak Jr in 1962. 

Since then, LED lights have been incorporated into several things. Here are a few examples of how LED lights are applied around the world.


In the past, LED lights have been kept out of homes because it was quite costly. However, since then the cost of manufacturing these lights have been reduced, without affecting the quality of it. So, people now can install these lights into their homes at a cheap cost. These LED lights have several benefits such as being eco-friendling, emitting no heat of UV rays, and being long-lasting. With the world in its current state, installing these lights would be best for the future.


LED lights are also found in hospitals. Since they are long-lasting and need less maintenance, hospitals would prefer these lights over incandescent lights. Incandescent lights have mercury in them, so they need special handling when their life is ended, which can be a hassle to remove especially in hospitals. Plus, these lights emit no heat or UV emissions, so they produce less heat in the hospitals. Less heat equals less air-conditioning, which in turn equals to money spent for the cost of electric bills. 

 patlite revolving light

Indicators and signals

LED lights are most commonly used as indicators and signals. They can come in various sizes which make them versatile in use. They are in the indicators on keyboards that signify if the caps lock is on or off. They can also be found in the signals in cars and vehicles. Emergency service vehicles such as police cars, fire engines and ambulances use patlite revolving light that contain LED lights. 

In offices and retail stores

In offices, LED lights are being used for the comfort of employees. They are bright enough to reduce any eye fatigues, but do not emit heat, so the employees do not feel hot. In retail stores, LED lights are able to highlight the displayed items. They can catch the eye of passersby and attract them to enter the store. Plus, as mentioned before, they are low in cost and maintenance, so these companies will spend less for these costs.

Other uses

There are so many other uses of LED lights that it can’t all be mentioned here. A few other uses include stage lights, gas station lights, phone camera lights, strobe lights and street lights. They can be found almost everywhere nowadays.