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Web Design Myths You Should Discard

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Up until now, it is becoming more common knowledge for people running for businesses, on a big or small scale, that they need to have at least a solid website for products catalogue and transaction processing. Also, web designing is becoming more accessible for everyone else on the Internet, rather than just being kept exclusively for custom website developers malaysia and their usage purposes. There are many platforms that encourage us to do web designing by offering a lot of free templates for us to dissect it from. One example of website creation is WordPress which is infamous amongst non-professional web designers. However, due to this industry has been exposed to those with lesser formal knowledge of it, there seems to have a problem in the dissemination of web designing myths. It is called myth because it is a widely adopted belief yet very much falsely practised. Those who are working professionally as web designers must have encountered these myths a lot of times because after all, they will get back to web designers to mend the mess. 

custom website developers malaysia

In web designing, it is normal that we take almost weeks in drafting every detail of the website. The visual appearance itself might take days for us to visualise and make it into a digitised version. Not to mention, we need a lot of time to determine which functions to include and the arrangement of the content. The first commonly practised myth is thinking everything is dusted off after the website is going live. After doing so much already, it is normal that you think it all ends right after it is being published. However, this is totally wrong. Once the website is live, this is where the real deal starts. When your website is left idly with no updates going on, the software will classify it as out-of-date and the ranking will drop tremendously. Therefore, you need to add a blog or news section on the website so that you can actively update your page. Website maintenance is needed quite frequently than you thought it would need. As we can never predict how the coding and digital work, we need to tweak and play around with the functionality regularly to spot any problems and dysfunctions. 

Another myth that people tend to believe is the accessibility of their website is the same when it is on mobile appearance. This is going to burst your bubble because it does not work like that. The accessibility differs a lot in desktop and mobile viewing. After you are done designing it for your desktop view, you have to pay attention to making it more accessible for mobile use and navigation. The most important part is to make sure the colour contrast is suitable for the eyes behind the mobile version. You need to ensure the readability is supported in all dynamic contents. 

You might think you can re-edit after the website is live but the reality is you have to do most of it from zero again. That is why you should draft it when unsure and only publish it when you are confident.