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Take some time out of your schedule each week to make sure all your software and devices are up to date. Otherwise, your computer and software may well update in the background, consuming more bandwidth and requiring you to restart them at the most inconvenient time. This is especially important if you are using your old computer to telecommute.

Jom Apply Unifi

Slow Internet?

If your internet is slow, it is not necessarily due to a network outage or too low connection speed. It is often sufficient to improve the WLAN reception at home. Here’s something to lose your temper: you treat yourself to a fast internet connection by subscription, but when you use WLAN, images are jerky and downloads take forever. What can you do about it? The best advice from Swisscom technicians and the Swisscom Community helps to increase WLAN bandwidth and therefore speed in your household. In such a case you can also join Jom Apply Unifi.

Position and align the router correctly

To ensure good WLAN reception in all rooms, you must install the router (e.g. the Swisscom Internet-Box) in a central location. Important: If the router is behind, under, on top of the TV or a piece of furniture, this will reduce the range. Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and even nearby large plants can also become a source of interference. The walls (concrete) also dampen the wireless network.

Extend the WLAN with a repeater

The WLAN Box 2 is a combination of a WLAN repeater and an access point. If the network still does not reach the whole apartment or house, it is possible to extend it. For example by using a WLAN repeater. You should ideally position it roughly halfway between the router and the zone without WLAN. It will act as a bridge there and transmit the signal from the router to mobile devices. All you need to do is pair the repeater with the WLAN in question. The procedure is simple and is described in the user manual of the repeater. The main drawback: the speed of data transmission is reduced by about 50%. Finally, your computer needs as much rest as you do. Remember to turn it off every day to get it off to a good start the next morning!