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Thrifting Your Old Stuff For A Better Purpose

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Do you still own your 16 years old stuff, even after five years? Didn’t really know what to do with that stuff? Well, you can always give away your clothes or if you want to make some money out of them, you can also thrift them. By thrifting your old things, you are also giving a purpose and use to those things and letting people have the chance to use them. Meanwhile, you get some benefits out of it, it is similar to broker forex Indonesia. After all, you did keep all those stuff for a reason, maybe you can use it in a much better way. But where can you find thrift shopping, especially around South East Asia?

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Salvation Army Praisehaven Family Store (Singapore)

If you ever buy things or food from Family Store, well do you know that they support the wage of this company? Red Shield Industries (RSI) is the social venture branch of The Salvation Army. By re-using, recycling, and restoring gifts in kind from the public and organizations. Family Stores support and provide encompassing care to this company. Inside The Salvation Army’s, their biggest functional thrift shop is Praisehaven Mega Family Store. This store thrift clothes and home products. There are chances for you to purchase the latest gadgets, depending on the inventory, and you wouldn’t buy expensive items too.

The Scandalist (Johor Bahru)

This thrift store is located at the west entrance of Causeway in Johor Bahru. Despite just being a thrift shop, they provide an excellent thrifting service. They also have ravishing and unique boutiques including used apparel, shoes, handbags, and pieces of jewelry for men and ladies in superb condition. Their expertise in delicately utilized architect merchandise. Just by scanning the thrift shop, you will notice such treasures as leather Louis Vuitton bags, Burberry belts, jeans by 7 For All Mankind, and Gucci silk scarves.

Don Don Down on Wednesday (Japan)

Don Don Down on Wednesday has distributed all around Japan, and there are already four branches in Tokyo itself. Don Don Down on Wednesday has a varied selection of thrift clothing that scatter into multiple floors, from pop music merchandise to rock music T-shirts and it even has dealt over a megaphone. They also have a unique pricing technique for each shirt, pants, and accessories which is by labeling fruits as price.  A sweater costs a mushroom which is reasonable while an expensive leather jacket costs a peach. With shop names involving Wednesdays, on that special day, a good-looking t-shirt would be priced 3 times cheaper than when it was on sale on Friday.

Vin Prime (Korea)

As one of the biggest thrift establishments with numerous branches all over Seoul, this can be a convenient thrift store for local people to get and give unique finds for a cheap and convenient price. There are numerous stores found in Seoul, all of which are near metro stations. Vin Prime also has a yellow and blue aesthetic to it, so if you are interested in taking aesthetic photography you can also visit the stores, One of the reasons why most of the young citizens in Seoul visit this thrift store.

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