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The Toxic Netflix Addiction

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Netflix can be your only way to overcome your boredom or to spend your free time.  You can watch all kinds of movies in any genre and if you have a VPN you can watch movies and series that are only available in certain countries. It sounds something like home paradise. But have you recently found yourself being stuck on your couch and binge-watching movies and series from Netflix?  For sure it’s once or twice, but how bad can that get? Once or twice soon or later can transform into six to seven and then by no time you have done it too many times that it is an addiction.

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When thinking about addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is Drugs, Online Casino Game, Smoking but no worries. Netflix is not as bad as them but it is toxic and it will give you certain after-effects.  

With Netflix presume button it will make you not even move from your couch. You just want to finish the last episode of the season of Grey’s Anatomy. The temptation and curiosity to know what will happen next drive you crazy.

That’s a marketing technique for you to keep engaging with Netflix. The more user engagement they receive the more they are earning in the market. For them it all about marketing.

The next thing is when Netflix hype around a show that is in the last season. You probably don’t want to watch this show but because of the hype and the way it looks in the trailer, you just want to know what it is about. This makes you binge-watch the whole series from season 1 to season 5 in a short period of time. This seems fun and exciting at first but then effect it’s excruciating. 

First, your routine and sleep schedule will have drastic changes. This is because when you binge-watch a series, you are sacrificing your sleep and your other everyday activities changing your routine cycle. 

Also when you change your sleep schedule it will cause many bad negative side effects to your body. Not only that, without enough activity that your body requires, it will cause a major impact to your immune system, making you weak and tired all the time. And when you interrupt your everyday activity it will build up in your pending list and the next thing you know you just have too many things to do.

So watch Netflix, but don’t be a victim of its an addicting system. Once in a blue moon seems fine but making it a habit is toxic, unless you are extremely free and rich, you are just required to stay at home and do nothing.

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