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Our Leisure Habits And Covid 19 

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The world reached a full panic point when the World Health Organization announced a global outbreak and declared a pandemic as of March 2020. Coming forward to 2021, we are still waiting for a day where we regain our freedom in the post-pandemic world. 

One thing’s for sure. The pandemic may be over, but we are not coming out of the pandemic as the same people that entered the pandemic. Our habits have drastically changed causing shifts in our attitude towards various matters of our life. This includes our work, personality, friendships, love life, and even leisure activities. 

People are hesitant to go back into the recreational world even when the pandemic restrictions are eased. Many are still yet to be fully vaccinated and vaccinations do not fully prevent infections. The world is still going at a deathly rate and in some parts of the world, it is much worse than when it began. The perceived risk of obtaining the virus and being infected has eternally changed the way we mingle with people and enjoy our leisure hours. 

All of our leisure activities are now connected to internet usage. Our daily coffee runs to the nearest coffee bean and tea leaf or Gloria’s Jean is replaced with quick online order placement. Or maybe even a morning regimen of our own home coffee addition. Long road trips with our friends to beautiful casinos are now replaced with trusted online casino malaysia. People are aware of the aggressiveness they should have when it comes to dealing with the virus. There was no time and energy for going into city centers, in-store shopping, and cafe hopping, even though they are our favorite leisure activities. 

The biggest sign of the pandemic was the empty roads, malls, and movie theaters. Our normal day-to-day leisure activities involve hanging around in bowling alleys, going to concerts, playing football on the field, and even on the streets. But ofcourse, these came to be replaced with Netflix binges, consistent online gaming, and conference call with our friends for hangouts. 

There are so many things we gained with the online shift for our leisure activities. Many have found out new passions to focus on while others have formed long-term friendships during the pandemic. We did not have to meet people face to face. But we are here connecting with people from the other end of the world and having fun. Many have also invested in new technological smart gadgets in their home for the purpose of entertainment and leisure. A new gaming station, exercise equipment, ebooks devices, new television, and even better laptops to equip our digital needs. 

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Small businesses and consumers alike are waiting for a day we can finally roam around in our busy mals and walk down the street without the fear of covid 19. No matter how much fun we have been having out newly found tech gadgets, it does not beat the feeling of outdoor leisure activities and supporting small businesses. The post-pandemic world is likely to accommodate the new changes we have made in our leisure habits but we still cannot wait to gain a little bit of normalcy.