How to Plan a Wedding with a Limited Budget

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Settle for a DIY wedding.

It’s true that your life would be a lot easier when you hire a wedding planner. However, if you are on a tight budget, a DIY wedding would be a lot better.

Find an affordable wedding location.

Village halls are a great staring point. It is small enough to be decorated with the help of your family and friends. If you go local, you can also save more money and time on a wedding car. In case you are lucky, a friend can drive for you.

Save on food and beverages.

Several wedding venues allow external catering. But, at the end of the day, buffet food is more affordable.

Consider a small guest list.

The idea of a big crowd surely excites you, but for an event with a small budget, a small wedding guest list is the best decision. This decision can save you thousands. For starters, you can aim for 40 guests. Stick to it.

Forget about luxury wedding outfits.

Are you dreaming of wearing that luxury wedding dress from Malaysia? Well, if the price would force you to go beyond your small budget, then this is not the right gown for you. For your dress and your groom’s tuxedo, head to the stores of the most popular high street brands.

Consider a nearer, more affordable honeymoon destination.

You will surely be exhausted the day after your special day. Settling for nearer honeymoon destinations, instead of a massive trip abroad is a great idea.