How to Earn Money on Your Blog Using an Amazon Affiliate Program?

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Do you have a blog? Did you amass a huge following and you gain a sizable amount of traffic that comes to your website ever so often? If so, did you know that you can earn money through blogging?

Well, you can do that by engaging in affiliate marketing; more specifically, enrolling in the Amazon Associate Program, which is, as you can tell by the name, Amazon’s affiliate program.

For those of you who do not know, when you sign-up to an affiliate program, you will be given affiliate links. These special links have a tracking code that allows Amazon (or other online merchants depending on the one who supplied it to you) to track how many people have clicked and bought something using that special URL.

When you are an Amazon Associate, you will receive a commission for every product that was purchased using the affiliate links you are given. So long as the purchase was made 24 hours from clicking on the click, you will always gain some money from it.

So, if you are writing articles pertaining to specific toys, for example, become an Amazon affiliate for you to start earning commissions right away.

How Does the Program Work?

If you are a blogger, you must first sign-up to the Amazon Associates Program. Once you’re enrolled, you will then be given some affiliate links that you can use on your own blog posts to get started.

Whenever someone happens to click on the link that you were given, an internet cookie will be sent on their devices (with their knowledge, of course). After that, whenever they will make a purchase, the company will know who posted the link and will attribute the purchase to you since you were the one who referred them to that special product page.

The good thing about Amazon’s associate program is that you are given a percentage of the entire sale. For instance, if the item is sold at $100 and you are promised a 10% commission on each sale, you will receive $10 for that. You can gain more money the more expensive the item is.

So, How Do You Do This as a Blogger?

Amazon and other online merchants are constantly on the lookout for people who have established themselves in the online space. If you are a blogger who happens to have a sizable audience, then you can take advantage of that to help you earn some money.

That being said, here are some tips to help you get the most benefit out of the associates program:

1. Write Compelling Articles
One of the best ways you can incorporate your amazon affiliate links into your content would be to make interesting articles. You have to have a specific goal for your content so that your readers will know exactly what you want and need.

You can create product review articles since they provide you with the best results when it comes to promoting a product. You write something about a certain product (that you happen to promote) and write every bit of detail about them to your readers. Yes, you read that right: every detail. So, not only will you write the things that you like about the product, but you also write the things that you do not like.

Now, this might seem counterintuitive but that is actually not the case. If people know the downsides of a certain product, that will actually help them be compelled to buy what you have to promote.

Your audience are smart enough to know that if you are an affiliate and you happen to only write good things about the product, then you will be deemed as a fraud (which you do not want to happen).

2. Provide Them with Something
Now, I do not mean that you provide free products to them, but you can provide information that is normally given to people who buy a product or two.

For instance, if you are promoting a book about something, you can read it and provide some information to your readers. But, the gist is that you do not expose everything that is found on the book.
Think about this as a hook that will compel your audience to buy the full book if they wish to find out more.