How Do You Build a Profitable Affiliate Network?

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Running an online business can be a chore. You not only have to make sure that your products are on point but you also have to worry about promoting your products as well.

That being said, if you want to become a successful online entrepreneur, you have to use affiliate marketing to your advantage.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is where an entrepreneur teams up with a third-party to help them promote their products and services.

Whereas typical ad campaigns would require business owners to create their own advertisements, those things will be made by the affiliate marketing themselves.

These marketers can gain money by helping drive more traffic to their partner’s e-commerce website and the more conversions they get, the higher their commissions will be.

The reason why affiliate marketing is so appealing in this day and age is that there is a lot of variety in this space- allowing you to gain as much online traction as possible. But for you to do that, you have to first build your own (and reliable) affiliate network.

Different Types of Affiliates

In order for you to successfully build your own affiliate network, you have to understand the different types of affiliates out there. According to LinkTrust, a company that provides affiliate marketing software, online affiliates can be categorized into three groups: solo marketers, influencers, and publishers.

According to a company spokesperson, different affiliates use different promotional tactics in an attempt to drive more traffic to their partner’s online store.

For instance, if you are planning on selling some bodybuilding supplements, you might get better results if you were to collaborate with an Instagram influencer as opposed to a publisher.

If you want to gain somewhat steady traction, you can go with a publisher to help promote your products in a variety of different mediums.

Well, despite the varied categories of affiliates out there, you do not have to painstakingly manage them one by one as you can use affiliate marketing software to help you with that.

Make It More Appealing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you want to come up with a situation where it is both win-win for you and your affiliate marketers. That being said, you want to do a couple of things.

First, you want to conduct research on how much the fair minimum would be. This varies from industry to industry which is why you need to do your due diligence to find out fair pricing for marketers.

If we take a look at Amazon, for example, marketers can get only 1% commission for anything that is related to video games, but that shots up to a whopping 10% when it comes to fashion items.

Of course, you would have to look at your own business model as well if this is something that you are okay with in the long run.

Set Clear Expectations

To make things work for everyone involved, you have to set clear expectations right off the bat. You also want to gain as many affiliate marketers as you can to help you get more out of this medium.

As you build your network, the more marketers see the success that you have sown, then the more they are enticed to work for you.