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Attractions In Malaysia

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Malaysia is known to be a country that is full of attractions. From our foods to our nature and culture. Every time tourists from all over the world come and visit Malaysia, they’ll always be in awe and they’ll definitely want to revisit the country once again in the future. Not only that, but we also have the best slot game Malaysia and that just adds on to more reasons why Malaysia is an attractive country for you to visit. Other than that, here are some of the most attractive places that you should definitely visit once you are in Malaysia. 


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Perhentian Island 

Everybody knows that Malaysia is a country that is rich with beautiful islands and this is one of the most beautiful islands we have here. From the deep blue seas to all of the marine life that you can see when you go diving. There are tons of fun activities when you come here such as scuba diving, kayaking, jungle tracking, snorkeling and the most anticipated activity throughout the year is to watch the turtles came to the sea and lay their eggs. 


Gunung Mulu National Park 

This is one of the most beautiful caves that we have in Malaysia, this cave is even being considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its beauty and nature. It is a cave with 122-meter tall ceilings, and there’s a waterfall flowing through the rocks inside the cave. The moment you enter this cave it’ll feel surreal and you’ll feel like you are entering a whole new world. 


Penang Hill 

If you visit the state of Penang Island and you want to have a view of how the whole island looks. This is where you go, and to arrive at the top of Penang Hill you’ll need to ride these trains that are being prepared there. And once you arrived at top of the hill, the scenery there will take your breath away because you can see the whole island and also the famous Penang bridge. 


Cameron Highland

Would you like to drink a cup of warm tea and being accompanied by beautiful scenery? Yes, everyone wants that. Cameron Highland is a place where not only tourists but locals will also go here to experience the cold weather and all of the scenery here. You can visit the tea estates, strawberry farms, lavender farms, and even a sheep farm. Not only that, but when you visit all of these farms you’ll be able to experience all of the experiences like picking your own strawberries, petting the sheep, etc. 


Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur 

This is one of the tallest towers in Malaysia, and it’s also known as KLCC. If you want to go on a shopping spree at a cool shaded place, you definitely need to come here. They have all of the shops that you want and need. And not only that but if you’re hungry after a full day of shopping there’s plenty of restaurants that you can choose from. Maybe you have a small child and they don’t want to go shopping, well lucky for you because they have an aquarium where there are hundreds of marine lives there. Basically, they have everything that you’ll need and want here.